Lecture: Egypt and Ugarit

Egypt and Ugarit

Date: 7:30 – 9:00pm, 04-May-2012

Cost: Meetings are Free to members, Guests $5 – Students with ID $2


The Syrian city of Ugarit was a cosmopolitan city in the Late Bronze Age  – a major hub in the larger eastern Mediterranean commercial and cultural networks that typified the period. Ironically, because the city was destroyed at the end of the Bronze Age, much of the remains from that time were preserved to an exceptional degree, including various cuneiform archives. Much of the focus of the study of Ugarit has been on the relationship between this textual corpus and the Old Testament, since there are evident similarities. There is also much evidence for relations between Ugarit and Egypt, although the exact nature of these interactions is less clear. In this talk, Dr. McGeough explores the shifting relationships between Ugarit and Egypt from the Middle Kingdom through the New Kingdom and explores how some of the material from Ugarit illustrates how Egypt acted and was perceived in Syria during the Bronze Age.

About the speaker:

Kevin McGeough is an Associate Professor of archaeology at the University of Lethbridge. A specialist in the Late Bronze Age city of Ugarit, McGeough has excavated at many sites throughout the Near East, including the Middle Kingdom town at Abydos.


Room EDC 287 in the Education Block at the University of Calgary.


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